I want you to ask yourself…

Are you the type of person who can benefit from coaching? Perhaps. If any of these apply to you, then the answer is a definite “YES.”

  • You find yourself lacking motivation
  • You’ve tried every diet and nothing seems to work
  • You just can’t figure out why you’re not progressing
  • You feel like you stress eat and can’t “get control” of it
  • You feel sort of addicted to sugar/food and don’t know how to talk about it
  • You’re the protypical yo-yo dieter and want to finally do something about it
  • You’ve tried to get control of your diet before only to fail over and over again
  • You want to be healthier and know how to be healthier…but can’t seem to do it
  • You’re trying to get to that next level but can’t push past that final plateau that’s got you stuck
  • You eat emotionally and don’t have any practical strategies or routines to redirect your energies and bounce back

If any of those apply to you, it’s time to consider letting someone else take the reins. I’d love nothing more than to be your guide.

Hi, I’m Daniel.

I’d love to be your coach.

Whether you want to lose 25+ pounds this summer or just drop a few to look good at the beach, one thing is true…

The only way to get this whole “diet thing” right once and for all is to learn how to build a new lifestyle.

Designing a new lifestyle requires full integration of body, mind, and, most importantly, habit.

It requires daily practice, day after day after day…which is really difficult to maintain by yourself.

Without anyone holding you accountable, it’s so easy to give up.

That’s why I’m here. To coach you to transformation.

Briefly, some of the main advantages of coaching are:

  • Expertise – This is the main reason people hire a coach. The person you’re hiring has a high level of expertise with the given subject, and can leverage that knowledge to your benefit. In the case of Evolution Coaching, you’ll train the habit of eating healthily day after day, meal after meal; you’ll get in better shape; you’ll build confidence and develop a new mindset–a growth mindset, that will help you strive for improvement, instead of focus on faults. I teach my clients how to do this.
  • Accountability – By far, this is the greatest benefit of coaching. If you know someone is counting on you, you show up. Both literally and metaphorically. If you hire a coach, you’re paying for it and therefore a lot more likely to put in the effort and take your program seriously, and a lot less likely to mistreat your diet. The simple fact that someone is investing time in your success obligates you (emotionally) to strive to perform and achieve. Knowing you have to report your actions, and those actions are being examined for your benefit, makes you hyper-aware of your behaviors–and what does and does not serve you. It’s no surprise that the mere act of hiring a coach often spurs people to new heights of success.
  • Accountability – By FAR, this is the greatest benefit of coaching. If you know someone is counting on you, you show up. Both literally and metaphorically. Hiring a coach gives you multiple types of accountability. If you hire a coach, you’re paying for it and therefore a LOT more likely to put in the effort and take your program seriously, and a lot LESS likely to mistreat your diet. The simple fact that someone is investing time in your success obligates you (emotionally) to strive to perform and achieve. We’re all people pleasers deep down, and when we place someone else in a position of authority (a coach) we are hard-wired to want to please them so as to feel good about our efforts. Knowing we have to report our actions, and those actions are being examined makes us want to be on our best behavior. It’s no surprise that the mere act of hiring a coach often spurs people to new heights of success.
  • Love and Friendship – This happens later in a coaching relationship. I can tell you as both a coach and a client: if you invest in someone emotionally, and they invest in you, and you’re both working towards mutual success, it’s impossible not to grow closer. Your goals are their goals, and so their successes become your successes. The coaching/client relationship is, in my experience, always enhanced when both sides care about each other.

Those are just some of the benefits of coaching; there are far too many to list.

Amazing Transformation Story

If you want to watch a personal account of someone who has experienced ALL of the benefits listed above, check out the video below. It’s an interview I conducted with one of my most successful clients:  

Here’s the amazing part: Liz is just one of the hundreds of people who have graduated from my coaching program over the years. Liz, like so many other people who have gone through the program, has achieved results beyond what she and they thought were possible. They’re now living in bodies they thought they could never have. They’re now happy and secure in the knowledge that they invested in themselves.

I could not be prouder to have helped them, or to call them friends.

And now, I could not be prouder to announce that I want to help YOU.



How It Works

When you sign up for Evolution Coaching, you and I partner up one-on-one. We work together every single day until you actually learn how to master your diet and lose weight the right way. We do this by training the habit of making healthy choices, meal after meal, until they become automatic.

My job is to foster an environment that makes you feel comfortable being yourself and making mistakes (yes, shooting for perfect is impossible and that’s just fine), to challenge past tendencies that no longer serve you, and to push past plateaus.

My “secret”?

There is none. To be successful in anything you do requires commitment and deliberate practice.

That’s why I treat healthy living like a skill, something you have to train every day to improve. Over time, you will master your diet, and I will help get you there by training specific habits that only make sense for you.

I do this by keeping you accountable and committed. That means we’ll be communicating over email every day, and you’ll be sending me photos of everything you eat.

This process allows me to give immediate feedback so that you can learn in the moment and constantly improve. More importantly, it trains you to focus on making healthy choices (with my help and guidance) versus worrying about your weight.

This means you’ll be planning, preparing, and strategizing every day to set you up for ultimate success.

I’m here for you always, especially when you need me the most. There’s nothing like having a professional at your fingertips at all times—that includes weekends and nights, when staying committed to your diet is most challenging.

This level of personal servicing simply does not exist outside of EvolutionEat.

I’m proud of that.  



Sign up to LEVEL 1 and get…

Me, Daniel: a world class motivator, high performance coach and lifestyle designer at your fingertips, accessible by email and audio messaging

My expertise, guidance and support. I am exceptionally good at high performance coaching, as it pertains to diet and lifestyle and I know how to tap into your deepest motivations to keep you constantly “on” and looking for more

Daily Accountability: Every day you will take a photo of everything you eat and share it with me through email. This isn’t so that I can judge you (you already know what is and isn’t good for you); it’s so that I can hold you accountable to the standard you hold yourself; it’s so that we can analyze trends, identify strengths, and repair vulnerabilities  

Weekly Planning: Every week we will discuss major challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks for the week ahead – and how we’re going to dominate

Meal Plan: At the beginning of your program I will deliver you a meal plan that’s designed for long-term sustainable weight loss (if that’s your goal) and has worked for hundreds of my clients. Together, we’ll shape it into something you feel 100% “HELL YES” about. I am not at all dogmatic in my approach or suggestions, I only care about making agreements and committing to agreements

Weekly homework & action steps to help you progress forward one step at a time, each and every week

Downloadable PDFs, handouts, reading suggestions, and resources to supplement your learning

Price: $999

Duration: 10 weeks

Sign up to LEVEL 2

Level 2 includes everything in Level 1, PLUS:

3 personal one-on-one calls (60 Min) with me at the beginning, middle and and end of your program, so that we can go deep, understand your greatest challenges and reverse engineer what success looks like. These calls are some of the most important moments of our work and are worth it for the coaching alone

Lifetime Access to EvolutionEat, a highly specialized skill development and mindset digital training program on mastering your diet and building new eating habits. Seven lessons totalling over three hours of life-changing content (valued at $197)

10% off and VIP priority for all future EvolutionEat programs and products which could end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the long term

Price: $1599

Duration: 10 weeks

*PLEASE READ: It’s critically important to note here that I am not a doctor, medical professional, registered dietitian or trained clinician of any kind, and I do not pretend to play one on the internet. I am not here to solve clinical problems, nor do I make any claims of being able to do so. My opinions and suggestions are merely ideas to consider. My services and programs are in no way substitutions for medical treatment or therapy; they’re vehicles for education. It goes without saying, but if you have a serious condition, such as an eating disorder, and are considering working with me and/or purchasing a program, you should seek outside medical support to get the proper attention you need. Please read this Disclaimer. If you’re struggling with a disorder beyond the scope of coaching, I’ve put together a list of resources and websites to help.

This summer is your opportunity to evolve into the person you want to be.

It’s easier when you have someone on your side, fighting for you.

Now, of course, Liz isn’t the only person to succeed from my coaching. There’s Terry Kerr, who also acknowledges that coaching was life changing.

Just click to watch what Terry had to say.

Terry lost 30 pounds in nearly five months, while also increasing his exercise from 0 days per week to nearly every morning. In the meantime, he completely overcame his late night overeating patterns that battled for years. His family called him the “cookie monster” because it was the running joke forever. There was no solution to his late night overeating – until he started working with me.  

And let me be clear: Liz and Terry are total badasses. They each work over 70 hour weeks, are at the top of their fields, and have demanding social and family lives. It’s not like they cleared out their schedules to be successful with their diets, lose weight, and build new habits.

Instead, through coaching, I helped them train habits that worked with their lives – not against them. That’s where “dieting” always gets it wrong: you’re trying to force something that doesn’t fit.

 That’s not how I work, and that’s PRECISELY why my clients are so successful.

Commit to Evolution Coaching

Then there’s a client like Molly…

Who completely overcame her sugar addiction, and whose transformation of mind, body and career was one of the most inspiring stories I’ve had the chance to witness.

I teach my clients how to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams because we take a realistic, sustainable, long term approach to weight loss and lifestyle change, whereby we train the fundamentals of mastery through daily accountability, transparency and self-empowerment.

The skills/tools/intuition you develop through coaching are lifelong lessons you will take with you forever. My clients are now living in bodies they thought they could never have. They’re living lifestyles they never imagined possible. They’re stepping into their power on a daily basis, happy and inspired and secure in the knowledge that they invested in themselves.

Want more proof? Hear from some more clients



Enroll now and secure your opportunity to evolve

I have TEN (10) spots available for online coaching. The new coaching class begins on August 21st. I’ve got a group of amazing people signed on, and I’d like to fill it out even further.

To be totally clear, this is a private one-on-one coaching experience. If you commit, your life will change.

Are you in? 

I truly hope so.